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Sumit kumar – Publication Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Sumit Kumar: Sumit established ReviewZone360 owing to his intense curiosity for groundbreaking innovations, digital trends, and cutting-edge technology. A consummate learner and explorer, he is always on the move, constantly absorbing new knowledge.

Being a strict vegetarian, he staunchly believes in the principles of rebirth and karma, living by the mantra of “Exist and let exist,” acknowledging that every living creature has an equal entitlement to this planet’s resources. His fascination for technology and societal matters shines through in his insightful blog posts.

Stay connected with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or feel free to send him an email at His ever-evolving journey is an open book that invites everyone to partake in.

Lucas Thomas:  Associate Editor

Lucas Thomas: Lucas serves as an indispensable asset to the crew. Possessing an eye for minute details and a talent for weaving captivating narratives, he guarantees that every content piece on our platform meets our strict quality benchmarks. Lucas’s tech and gadget interests are far-reaching, encompassing everything from the newest digital innovations to advanced robotics. His fervor is evidently visible in his meticulous content curation and editing work.

Nathaniel Davis:

Nathaniel Davis: Stephanie is a cornerstone of the crew. Possessing an unparalleled attention to precision and a flair for narrative, she guarantees that each content published on our platform meets and surpasses our stringent benchmarks. Stephanie’s fascination with technology and sustainability encompasses everything from emerging AI technologies to renewable energy solutions, and her enthusiasm is palpable in her thorough editing work.

Oliver Hamilton:

Oliver Hamilton: Isabella is a tech aficionado with a fervent curiosity for unfolding technology paradigms. Boasting a robust background in software engineering and a tenure of over half a decade as a technology correspondent, Isabella brings a profound insight into the technology sector to her written pieces. Her knack for transforming intricate tech notions into compelling narratives has endeared her to our audience.