OnePlus Pad Go India launch date officially announced, will be sold via Flipkart


OnePlus has unveiled the OnePlus Pad Go India launch date, slated for October 6, 2023, following the activation of its dedicated microsite on Flipkart. The initial glimpse of the device suggests a unique look that echoes the design features of the previously released OnePlus Pad. Here’s an in-depth look at what we know so far.

Official Announcement and Availability

OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus Pad Go will make its debut in India, thereby disclosing its OnePlus Pad Go India launch date as October 6, 2023. Additionally, the OnePlus Pad Go Flipkart launch has been verified; the tablet will be up for grabs on the e-commerce platform upon its release.

OnePlus Pad Go Specifications

There is currently a lack of comprehensive details about the OnePlus Pad Go price in India and the OnePlus Pad Go specs. Nevertheless, recent speculation indicates that this could be a OnePlus Pad Go budget tablet, potentially offering a more economical option compared to the earlier OnePlus Pad. The device is anticipated to be available in two variants—one offering Wi-Fi only and the other featuring both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

First impressions of the OnePlus Pad Go reveal a OnePlus Pad Go curved-edge design that aligns with the aesthetics of the OnePlus Pad. The tablet features a dual-tone green color scheme on the back, comprised of both matte metal and glossy finishes. This combination establishes a distinctive look for the device’s ‘Twin Mint’ color, thereby contributing to a novel and refreshing aesthetic in the tablet market, according to OnePlus.

Although the device’s specifications are yet to be fully revealed, preliminary information suggests that the OnePlus Pad Go will house a single rear camera and include four speakers.

How It Compares: OnePlus Pad Go vs Redmi Pad

While full details are awaited, the marketplace is already abuzz with comparisons, particularly concerning OnePlus Pad Go vs Redmi Pad. Once the OnePlus Pad Go specs and OnePlus Pad Go review become available, a more in-depth analysis of the competition will be feasible.

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