What is a URL blacklist Virus, and how to fix it?- Evey clicks on a link open a new URL. An URL is nothing but the address book of a web resource. URLs can be both good and harmful for the device. We all have come across a time when with a single click on a link, we are directed to a pop-up warning from our browser; a similar message can be shown by your installed Antivirus as well. This happens when your browser or Antivirus finds an unsafe URL on the Blacklist. Blacklisting is a security mechanism process of the browser or Antivirus. They remove a particular URL from their index to protect your deceive from getting affected by malware and allow a secure browsing experience.

It is a piece of bad news if you find out that your business URL is being blacklisted by a browser, as it will threaten your website’s online presence. People are very careful and conscious about their devices; if they click on your website link and are directed to a warning message, they will quickly back down and try other reliable sources, which will adversely affect your website.

What is a URL blacklist Virus, and how to fix it?

Now, you might be wondering why website URL blacklist. Well, there can be more than one reason behind your URL being blacklisted like-

-If your website contains malicious content

-If it involves Phishing Scheme

-If there is a server vulnerability

-If your website involves doubtful download links

-If your website breaches computer system security(Trojan Horses) etc.

How to Fix URL blacklist 

These three simple steps can get your website URL excluded from the blacklist.

  1. Scan your website for Viruses, Malware, Trojan, or any other threats. To do that, you might require to use a third-party app like ‘Malcare’ for scanning.
  2. Use a third-party app to clean your website. A third-party app will help you scan your website deeply. ‘Malcare’ has an auto-clean feature that will help you thoroughly clean your website. It will track the problem and fix t for you.
  3. After scanning your website for viruses and threats, and it is now free of any kind of threat, submit your URL for a review to any blacklisting authority such as Google and McAfee. After submitting your request, be patient, for your website will be enlisted in the whitelist soon. Read also – Best Gesture Navigation Apps for Android

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