Whenever a new feature is introduced, it compels us to avail it. One such feature is the Gesture Navigation feature. Apple first introduced it in 2017, and eventually, it was followed by all the top Smartphone brands. Gesture Navigation allows swipes and taps to navigate through the Android device instead of virtual buttons. This feature has added a few centimetres of space to the display, thus giving the users a wider and clearer view of their device. Soon Google came up with its navigation gesture that all Andriod 9.0 users could access.

Most of the population is on the latest version of Andriod. If you own a device that runs on an older Android version, there is nothing to worry about. There are lots of third-party apps that allow you to experience this Gesture navigation feature with ease.

Gesture Navigation Apps

Let’s browse through the best Gesture navigation app for your Andriod.

  1. Infinity Gesture Unlike its name, this application might not have infinite gestures, but it surely does have a lot and many more in the making. It has gestures like ‘Swipe to back’ and ‘Swipe and hold’ that can be customised.


  1. One-Hand OperationThis app is exclusively designed for Samsung users. Just like the name suggests, you just need one hand to operate your device or, to say, just the thumb. This app allows you to set gestures at both sides of your smartphone through which you can carry out a predefined action. Read also – How To Download Lulubox App In Android phone


  1. Fluid Navigation GesturesThis app has introduced a fluid navigation blob on the screen, which gives your screen a unique look. There are primarily two gestures- ‘Quick Swipe’ and ‘Swipe and Hold’; while the former will open the Home screen, the latter will reopen the minimised apps.


  1. X Home BarX Home Bar will make you feel like an iPhone user. This app has added a thin and white horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen. You can swipe the button either way to launch the selected action.


  1. Gesture MagicThis is the most unique one on the list. Instead of swipes, this app lets you launch an action through customised gestures. From making calls to locking your screen, you just need to draw your pattern, and voila! Your work is done.

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