Avoid calls and messages from numbers starting with +92: The speed with which the use of the internet has increased in India cannot be compared to any other country in the world. In the last 2-3 years, the internet run by Indians has increased manifold. The Government of India is also promoting Digital India. Thanks to the Internet, instant messaging apps like WhatsApp are being used by almost everyone.

WhatsApp is present in the phones of all the family members. Not only messaging but also video and voice calling facility is available on WhatsApp. But this call on Whatsapp can also be an alarm bell for you. Especially when this WhatsApp call is coming from an unknown number with +92 code.


Regarding Whatsapp, it has come to the fore that people are getting calls on this app from the number with +92 code for some time. First of all, let us tell you that +92 is the country code of Pakistan. Read also – What Is about:blank, and How Do You Remove It?

That is, all the incoming calls from the number with this code are coming from Pakistan only. Incoming calls from similar numbers on Whatsapp are increasing continuously.

This call coming from Pakistan can also be a knock of some big danger, in such a situation, we have to take care of some very important things.

1. +92 Do not receive calls

If you are also getting a call from any number with code +92 and that number is unknown to you, then first you have to ignore that call. Do not receive calls coming from such numbers at all. If you want, let the whole ring or cut it. but don’t receive

2. Do not message or call back on that number

Some curious people see the call of an unknown number on their phone and want to talk to him. But if this number is of +92 code then do not repeat this habit of yours. Do not ask ‘who are you?’ by texting on the number from which the call has come. There may be a captivating profile picture ie DP on the content of that number. But don’t message or call back.

3. Block the Number

You may receive a call again or receive a message from that number with the +92 code after you haven’t received the call. It would be better if you block that number on Whatsapp. Being blocked, that number will not be able to contact you again.

4. Report

Along with the block, the report feature has also been released by Whatsapp. Do report the Pakistani number with +92 code on WhatsApp. By reporting it, WhatsApp will know that there has been an illegal act with that number, and WhatsApp will start investigating that number.

5. Mail to Whatsapp

If you are able to understand the seriousness of this voice call coming from a Pakistani number, then as a conscious Indian it is necessary to convey this entire sentence by emailing Whatsapp. By going to Whatsapp’s website, give full details of such an accident to the company. Your awareness will certainly reduce the danger looming over other people to some extent.
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