Hello friends, welcome to this post, friends, in today’s post you will know what is LinkStock and how to use it. So, friends, LinkStock has been launched very soon. This is a completely new technology. In today’s time, people are earning money along with friends using social media. So friends, without wasting time let us tell you what is Link Stock and how to use it?

What is LinkStock?

LinkStock So, friends, LinkStock is a Free Instagram Bio Link Maker tool. With the help of this, you can link all your content, affiliate product, video, and social media account with just one link on any Instagram or any social media.

When a user account is created on LinkStock, it adds all the content with custom button, link, video, and photo at one place, then it gets only one link which if opened on the browser then all the content of the user together. are found.

How can I use ?

LinkStock is very easy to use and can be used on any social media. This will greatly benefit the user and will also take less time. Anyone can use Link stock and by using it you can take advantage of more and more features, which let us now tell you how LinkStock is used. The first topic is how to add a link.

How to add a link?

So, friends, it is very easy to add a link on LinkStock, first, you have to go to LinkStock’s website and create your account, then you go to the Dashboard option, here you will have been given a default option to add a link in which Link Title and URL Inter To do. In this way, you can add unlimited links by clicking on the add new button.

How to add Store & Product?

LinkStockSo friends, if you login to linkStock, then you have to click on the Store icon to see it, from here you will get a store default and user can create an unlimited store by clicking on add new store. First, you write the name of the store then for a product Default open option will be available, user can add unlimited products from here. You can put product name, category, type product’s photo. This feature is very beneficial for what affiliate marketing does.

How to add a video link?

First of all login you, then click on Video Icon and enter Youtube Video URL. At this point, only Youtube Video can be embedded from here and you can embed unlimited videos in this simultaneously from URL. read also -Best youtube video downloader

How to setup a profile?

To setup the profile of the profile page, you have to login to LinkStock then click on the profile icon, here the user can enter his own name, business name and any influencing name. You can set the profile page icon by clicking on Add profile. In this way, you can setup your profile.

So, friends, you have come to know in this post what is LinkStock and how to use it. In this post, you have been told in simple and easy language what is LinkStock and how to use its feature. If you liked this post, then share it with your friends so that they can also know about the latest new technology.

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