Kia is gearing up for its global entry on November 17 with the Concept EV9 SUV. Just ahead of its entry into the EV segment, Kia has showcased its boxy exterior profile by sharing the teaser poster of its upcoming electric vehicle Concept EV9. These days there is a lot of demand for SUV body vehicles in the global market. At the same time, SUVs are being liked a lot in electric cars too. In such a situation, Kia is planning to launch the upcoming electric car with the Kia Concept EV9 SUV design.

Ultramodern Exterior Design

KIA EV9 Korean car company Kia has termed the design of the upcoming EV Kia Concept EV9 SUV as ultramodern exterior design. Kia’s upcoming electric vehicle has a flat roofline. Along with this, this upcoming SUV will be offered with a large wheel arch, slim LED DRL. With this, looking at the teaser image, it is known that its front grille will be quite prominent. read also – MG’s upcoming SUV Gloster to come with Next-Gen Automotive Technology

Will get the big sunroof

EV9 The teaser image of Kia’s upcoming Concept EV9 SUV reveals that the door handles will not be visible. Along with this, a large hexagonal sunroof is being seen in the image. Along with this, if we talk about the side profile of the upcoming Kia Concept EV9 SUV, then prominent character lines will be given in it. Looking at the teaser, it is known that a lot of LEDs can be used in the car.

EV9 In terms of size, the upcoming Kia Concept EV9 electric vehicle will be launched in a larger size than the company’s other EVs. Along with this, the cabin of this upcoming SUV will be offered with a minimalistic design element. Currently, Kia’s most premium electric vehicle is the EV6. Kia EV6 has been introduced in some selected markets. read also – Bounce to launch its first electric scooter this month

This electric SUV supports 400v and 800v charging. Kia claims that the EV6 offers a range of 112 kms in just 5 minutes of charge. Along with this, it offers a range of 330 kms in 18 minutes of charge.

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