Bengaluru-based smart mobility company Bounce seems ready to launch its first electric scooter in India soon. The company’s plan is to challenge other companies present in India by introducing electric scooters this month. However, the name of the upcoming electric scooter has not been given by the company yet. But, if some media reports are to be believed, the Bounce first electric scooter will have swappable batteries and buyers will also have the option of renting the battery from the company without taking the battery in the scooter.                                                                          Also Read –

Bounce Electric Scooter

Bounce to launch its first electric scooter this month

At the same time, to support this model, Bounce will install battery swapping stations. Also, the battery pack and battery management system will be indigenous, but the battery will be exclusively imported from Panasonic and LG Chem. Bounce claims deliveries will start in January 2022. Apart from this, let us tell you that the company has recently acquired 22Motors.

What is Battery Swapping?

If you are wondering what is battery swapping, then let us tell you that in this, the customer gets rid of the hassle of repeatedly charging the vehicle’s battery. The user can also keep an additional battery in addition to the battery provided in his vehicle and can easily replace the scooter’s battery if needed. Usually, the battery of any electric vehicle takes a few hours to charge, so battery swapping is a good option.

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