What is PPT Submission Sites?

PPT stands for PowerPoint Presentation and is a very important and effective Off-Page SEO Technique, which is used more by Top Free High PR, DA, and PA for your site. PPT submission is done with Sites to gain a lot of traffic, business opportunities, and create high-quality backlinks. This PPT will be visible and accessible to people around the world. Now, most of the businesses are using the power of PPT to promote their business easily. If you also want to promote your website/blog, you can use PPT for your products or services and get benefits for it.

We know PPT Submission is very good due to its creative and smart sharing quality content for a very good business website, with the help of this, customers can understand the business easily and with this technology, the complete information of a product will be given to you and With the help of your customer easily understand, your website can easily be ranked on a specific keyboard.

You can submit your PPT to the PPT submission sites given by us using Small Description, Picture, and your Relevant Keyword in these PPT submissions. Due to which you have more chances of getting Boost Organic and Natural traffic for Search Engine Optimization. If you submit your PPT to sites with high domain authority. So this makes your incoming links natural. Which makes the optimization of your website good. You can gain even more audiences by sharing PPT on social media.

Here you will find the Top Best Free High Authority PPT Submission Sites of 2020. In addition, you can add backlinks or your blog or website to drive traffic to your site which helps your websites increase rankings in the SERP. Some of the sites below are given in this blog, which will play a major role in your sites.

Benefits of PPT Submission

  • PPT helps increase website traffic.
  • Templates are also available on the PPT for free on the Internet. In this, both your time and money are saved.
  • Apart from this, there are many important websites in which you can use many different templates.
  • By going there, you can create a PPT related to any topic which is related to your topic.
  • From here you also get High-Quality DA, PA for your website.

High PR PPT Submission Sites List 2020

Sr PPT Submission Sites Alexa Rank DA PA
1 www.mediafire.com 142 93 78
2 www.slideshare.net 158 94 84
3 www.scribd.com 201 93 78
4 www.box.com 457 92 72
5 www.zoho.com 514 88 70
6 www.wattpad.com 576 91 69
7 www.4shared.com 689 93 76
8 www.issuu.com 755 94 73
9 en.calameo.com 3,969 91 63
10 www.powershow.com 11,845 66 55
11 www.slideserve.com 13,401 78 60
12 www.authorstream.com 21,526 82 67
13 www.docslide.us 54,703 57 46
14 www.slideboom.com 68,739 73 63
15 www.edocr.com 1,02,570 71 58
16 www.keepandshare.com 1,15,891 72 58
17 www.presentationpro.com 2,09,325 52 49
18 www.slideworld.com 4,01,446 54 51
19 www.sliderocket.com 8,87,370 61 58
20 www.zentation.com 10,26,485 46 48


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