Whenever it comes to the world’s most powerful computers, IBM and Google’s name comes in everyone’s mind. But now a new rival is going to come in the market to give competition to these two companies. Honeywell Quantum Solutions may soon launch the world’s most powerful quantum computer. Honeywell Quantum Solutions Company Honeywell International Inc. Is part of. The company is known worldwide for solutions including aerospace and defense technology.

According to a report by Forbes, the company feels that it will become the world’s most powerful computer. The computer will be based on the quantum commuting performance measurement made by IBM in the year 2017. Its name is Quantum Volume. It is used for problems that can be solved with the help of a quantum computer. These are solvated and expressed in numbers.

According to a protocol report, the quantum system measures the overall performance in cubits based on different matrices. The company has claimed that it will be the world’s most powerful computer which will be launched in three months. According to Honeywell, the computer the company will build will be of 64 quantum volumes. In addition, the company has also said that it will increase the computer’s magnetite every year for about 5 years.

Talking about the computers of Google and IBM, Sycamore of Google was introduced in the year 2019. It comes with 53 cubits. At the same time, its computer comes with 28 cubits when it comes to IBM. Its quantum volume is 32. A report by Protocol also states that some other companies are also working on quantum computing. These include Microsoft, IonQ, QCI, D-Wave, Rigetti, 1QBit and Strange works.


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