We at ReviewZone360 have been constantly analyzing the recommendation system of Amazon with around 20 profiles for the last 5 months. In our analysis, we came to know about some major flaws of amazon ranking which might affect your experience if you get the product of “Amazon’s Choice”. Below are the reasons why we can’t trust Amazon’s choice and what’s the solution to this problem.

What’s the issue?

Amazon has developed a state of the art recommendation systems in the last 6-7 years. According to some recent reports, Amazon has crossed Google in terms of product searches.

According to some insight reports, products with the badge of “Amazon’s Choice” tend to have much higher sales than the “Best-Selling” badge. “Amazon’s Choice” badge is given to the products with the help of a faulty algorithm.

YouTuber LockPickingLawyer found that several Amazon’s Choice “high-security padlocks” could be picked in two seconds, and another that didn’t require any picking at all. LockPickingLawyer also discovered that the AmazonBasics Security Safe (Amazon’s Choice for “safe”) could be opened in three seconds with a tool bought, ironically, on Amazon. 

Even TheVerge has published an article on their website with the title: There’s no reason to trust Amazon’s Choice.

Amazon says,

“Amazon’s Choice is just our recommendation, and customers can always ask for specific brands or products if they choose.”

Amazon’s choice badge is given to the products which are highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately. Please notice the boldly marked point, “available to ship immediately”. This is the reason I kept the title of this post as to why we can’t trust Amazon’s Choice and what’s the solution.

We got a glimpse of the issue with Amazon’s recommendation but this is the time to know what we can do to get the best product from one of the biggest online stores i.e., Amazon.

There are a lot of websites that are doing exceptionally well and users are showing trust in the ranking they have been publishing on their websites. In this article, we are gonna cover some of the most trusted and most authentic websites we have been through.


CNET is one of the most trusted and well-known websites across the globe. They have a very beautifully designed and most informative review set up on their website. They cover millions of products from various categories. So you can definitely go with the recommendations by CNET.


Bestviewsreviews (BVR) is one of the most interesting websites I came across while I was looking for the solution to the problem we discussed in this article. Their tagline is “Your Review Buddy” and they are following a really unique approach. They are using a blend of machine learning and human efforts to rank the products for you. The best part of their ranking and the approach is that there are no chances of personal bias. The only downside I came to know about the website is they have only covered products from Amazon.

I love smartphones and here is the list of recommendations by BVR in this category: Best Smartphones.


Top Ten Reviews is the biggest player in the game, they are in the space for more than 14 years. The USP of their website is they constantly update their catalogue and show their users the top ten of each category.


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