Oneplus has introduced its concept of one smartphone during CES 2020. This first OnePlus concept phone has been made in partnership with McLaren. According to the claim, OnePlus Concept One is the first smartphone to have an electrochromic glass panel. Which can be transparent or opaque to show/hide the camera. The company claims that it takes only 0.7 seconds. Which is faster than the camera being fully activated.

The design of the OnePlus Concept One is inspired by McLaren’s 720S Spider Sports Car. Electrochromic material has been used in its rear, which can be transparent or opaque. Also, a leather panel is also provided in the back here. It is McLaren’s signature papaya orange shade. At present, OnePlus has not given any information about its specifications. Nor has the company announced any date or time for its launch.

This is not the first time that OnePlus has experimented with any other texture and material in its phone. In the past, the company has experimented with Bamboo, Wood, Kevlar, Alcantra, Frosted Glass and Ceramic. Concept One’s special glass covers only the camera section, while the rest is covered with leather.

Talking about the OnePlus Concept One camera, there are electrochromic glass organic particles in it that react with current to shift to the desired state. Apart from this trick, this panel will be used as a polarizing filter for cameras during shooting in very high light. It can be turned on in the camera app from Pro mode and it will be applicable for lower ISO and long shutter. The company claims that this panel needs almost zero power to operate.


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