Realme has recently launched its first flagship smartphone Realme X2 Pro in India. Along with this smartphone, the company has also launched Realme 5s. On the occasion of the launch event of this smartphone, the company also announced the new SD730G variants of Realme XT to be launched in December. It can be launched under the name of Realme X2. Apart from this, the company also teased its first wireless earbuds. The look and design of the earbuds teased during the event is very similar to that of Apple AirPods. Apart from Bluetooth earphones, the company has also launched wired earphones Realme Buds in India. Realme Buds Wireless has been well received by the users and is included in the list of best selling wireless earphones on Amazon.

Realme AirBuds will also be launched with new variants of Realme XTAccording to the information that has been revealed about Realme AirBuds so far, the below features can be given in it.

  • It can be launched with Realme’s classic yellow color option.Its look and design is similar
  • to Apple AirPods, with earbuds with wireless case. Its glimpse is clearly visible in the teaser.
  • Madhav Seth, CEO of Realme, kept this AirBuds with him at the launch event of Realme X2 Pro.
  • These earbuds will work with Android as well as iOS.
  • It can be launched in the price range of Rs 4,000-Rs 6000.

In addition to earbuds, Realme will also launch the next variant of Realme XT in December. It will be launched with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset processor. The company’s CEO has revealed this during the event. Apart from this, it can be launched by re-branding under the name of Realme X2. Like this Realme XT in this smartphone, 64-megapixel quad rear camera set-up can be given. The look and design of the phone will be very similar to that of Realme XT. Apart from its processor, other features can also be given like Realme XT.



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