Hackers always keep an eye on the personal information of the users. But now even big technology companies are facing virus and malware attacks. Although companies try to protect themselves, but hackers are adopting many new methods by which they breach the security of companies. In this sequence, a new case has emerged, according to which Mozilla Firefox has been the victim of a dangerous bug.

This bug is freezing the screens of Windows or Mac PCs using Mozilla Firefox. This blocks the browser. Ars Technica has also released a report. According to this report, this bug reaches the computer through websites and freezes the screen. Hackers show this bug and lock the browser. This bug shows a message. This message warns that your device is working on a pirated version. If they want an original version, they have to call a number. If users do not do this then their device will be disabled remotely.

Mozilla Firefox's bug will freeze your screen, learn how to avoidIt is written in this message that stops and does not shut down your PC. We have locked your computer because your Windows registry is illegal. It is using pirated software and sending viruses on the Internet. This window desktop has been hacked. We are blocking this computer for your protection. If you want to save your computer from being blocked, call us within 5 minutes.

If you close the message tab above you will get a pop-up saying that you are about to log in to the xyz website with the username admin. If you click Ok, nothing will happen and if you click Cancel, you will be asked to enter the username and password to login to the website.

What does Mozilla say? The company has said that if the user gets stuck in such a situation, then it can be closed only by the task close function of task manager and macOS in Windows. One more thing to note is that if you turn on the system twice, you will get all the tabs open. Here once the affected website is loaded, you will see the message with the bug again on the screen. This will only happen when you have activated the Auto Tabs Reopen option in the browser. In this case, keep it closed. Let us know that this by default remains closed.


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