Currently, about two-thirds of people around the world use computers or laptops with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Mostly, in personal computers with Microsoft Windows, users use other open-source web browsers instead of its inbuilt IE (Internet Explorer). Internet Explorer was once used for web browsing. After this, the use of this browser started coming down after the introduction of other competing web browsing options. After this, Microsoft launched the Edge browser in 2015. This browser was first launched for the Windows operating system. Which was launched in 2017 for smartphones and other operating systems?

New Microsoft Edge screenshots leakIf you talk about userbase, then Google Chrome currently has 68.91 percent, global users. Whereas, when it comes to all other internet browsers, their users are very less compared to Google Chrome. Talking about Mozilla Firefox users, it has 9.25 percent users. At the same time, Apple Safari has 8.68 percent of users. The Edge browser has 4.51 percent users and 4.45 percent of users use Internet Explorer.

Now, Microsoft Edge’s new logo design has been leaked. This new logo design can be unveiled at the Microsoft Developers Conference starting this week. The “e” used in IE and Edge has been used in this new logo design, but its 3D design can be seen in this new logo. The fluid design language has been used in this. A spiral themed design like Osan Wave can be seen in it. Many new features can also be seen in the new Edge browser with this new logo. Will Microsoft’s new web browser be able to challenge browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera? Only the time will tell.



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