Amazon Alexa has been made even smarter for Indian users. Now you will be able to talk to Alexa in Hindi. Whether you want to listen to Bollywood songs or know cricket score, Alexa will now give you all the information in Hindi and Hinglish. This feature of Amazon Alexa has been rolled out today. Alexa is a Smart Assistance, designed for Amazon Echo smart device. This voice assistance will now work in Indian languages ​​Hindi and Hinglish in addition to English.

Not only this, Alexa can also be used in many other Indian languages, such as Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, and Punjabi. Amazon Alexa service was launched in 2017 in India. It also works in the Amazon app in addition to the voice assistance smart device. Alexa Voice Assistance has been trained with over 500 Alexa Skills and 11 Hindi spelling words. In this, users will be able to hear Kabir’s couplets, Panchatantra stories, Bollywood dialogues and jokes in Hindi.

Amazon-Alexa-HindiThrough Alexa, now users will be able to do things like playing music, asking questions, reading news, setting timers, setting alarms and calendar management in Hindi. Apart from this, the Echo will also be able to earn from watching videos to voice control in the device. Not only this, but Alexa will now be able to control your smart home in Hindi also. In the smart home, many types of commands can be given in Hindi, from fan off or on, light on or off.

Suppose you are going out somewhere and you have forgotten to turn off the fan of the house in a hurry and remember to turn off the fan by going to the gate of the house, you can close it by giving a voice command to Alexa. For this, all you have to do is stop Alexa wings. Alexa will then turn off the fan running at home.


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