Apple iPhone 11 will be launched with iOS 13, these special features will be found

Apple iPhone 11 will be launched with iOS 13, these special features will be found

The Apple iPhone Launch event will be held on September 10 at the Steve Jobs Theater in California. In this event, along with the iPhone 11 series, the company is also launching its latest OS iOS 13, which was announced at WWDC 2019. The iPhone 11 series will be based on this new OS. In which users will get many special features like camera mode and dark mode.

Let us know that for the first time Apple iPhone Launch event will be shown live on Google’s video streaming platform Youtube. Whereas earlier this feature was only available on Apple’s Safari browser and the company’s official website. Before the launch, know about some of the features found on iOS 13.

Apple iPhone 11 will be launched with iOS 13, these special features will be foundDark mode

After rolling out Dark Mode in Mac OS last year, now Apple is going to bring the feature of Dark Mode to other devices along with its new OS iOS 13. Stock Apple wallpapers will also now feature Dark Mode. Also, users will be able to take advantage of the dark theme feature in photos and reminders. It is also capable of darkening all elements of the Dark Mode UI.

Fast os

Apple says iOS 13 will be the fastest operating system ever. The delivery method of updates in iOS 13 will change completely compared to before. Also, the company claims that downloads in the new OS will be up to 50 percent smaller and the size of the updates will also be reduced by 60 percent. Apart from this, Face ID will also be 30 percent faster in the new OS.

New camera modes

Apple has already clarified that new camera modes will be available in iOS 13. The company says that the portrait lighting mode virtually adjusts position and intensity according to studio lighting. With its help in iOS 13, users can now easily increase or decrease the intensity of the portrait lighting effect. Apart from this, the new OS will also include monochrome portrait mode and high-key mono feature. Which will help in enhancing the photography experience of the users.

Personalized Memoji

Apple is going to offer users more customization options in Memoji in its new OS. In which users can personalize Memoji at their convenience. Apple says that with the help of Memoji, users will also be able to create many stickers, which will be available later on the keyboard app. Memoji customization options include many Memoji such as headgear, glasses and broken teeth.

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