Google Pixel 4 camera features leaked, spotted audio zoom feature

Google Pixel 4 camera features leaked, spotted audio zoom feature

Google Pixel 4

The information of Pixel 4, the next device of the Google Pixel series, has been leaking for the past several months. Previously the design and case of this new series were highlighted, now the camera features of this series have been highlighted. Pixel 4’s camera can be upgraded features compared to its previous model. The Pixel series is particularly known for its simple design and superior camera. In all the Pixel devices that have been launched so far, you do not get to see much. Just look at the Google Pixel 3a, 3a XL launched in Google I / O this year, the same rear camera has been given in the back, while the notch has also not been given in the front.

Pixel devices have generally been launched with thicker bezels. Pixel 4 can also be launched with thick bezels like the previous models. However, in Pixel 4, you can see the triple rear camera set up, just like the iPhone 11, which launches on September 10. For the first time, Google is going to make such a big change in its Pixel series. However, how will the look of Pixel 4, it will be known only after the actual launch of the phone. Many types of upgrades can be seen in Pixel 4K camera. In which features such as audio zoom, Live HDR, Wide Angle Selfie, Better Night mode have been highlighted.

Google Pixel 4 camera features leaked, spotted audio zoom featureAudio zoom

First of all talk about audio zoom, you can zoom audio in the microphone used with the camera feature of Pixel 4 device. The audio zoom feature can be seen in the flagship models of Samsung Galaxy. You will be able to enhance the audio while making videos from the Pixel 4 device through the audio zoom feature. Even if the microphone is not near the object, you will still be able to record video in a clear voice.

Live HDR

With this new feature, the image quality will be enhanced as soon as the photo is clicked. This feature can automatically adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture taken with the Pixel 4 camera. The Live HDR feature can be seen in the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

Night Sight Enhancement

The Pixel 4 camera will enhance the Night Sight feature for taking better pictures in low light or dark. By the way, Pixel devices are known for taking better pictures in the dark or in low light. The next model of the Pixel series can get a better night site capturing the experience.

Wide angle selfie

Of all the smartphones that have come till now, we are able to take only one kind of selfie. Selfie cameras can also be upgraded in Pixel 4. In this, the super wide-angle selfie feature can be given. If you want, you will be able to show things around you with a selfie camera.

Pixel 4 devices can be launched next month. Super AMOLED display can be seen in it. Also, like the OnePlus 7 Pro, it can be given an improved 90 Hz display. It can also be given Android 10 operating system. All the leaks that have come out of Pixel 4 so far have been said to change the design of this smartphone.

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