Fisixworld The Best Mobile Phone Repair Service Center


Fisixworld is one of the best mobile phone repair service center in India right now and I am telling you this after taking their service.

A few days back, I wanted to get my Nokia 6.1 broken screen repaired. But there were no Nokia store available near my location. So like every other person I started searching for the best repair service center near me on the web.

I came around many websites and frankly speaking I got a bit confused. As there are so many websites available. So after doing a bit of research. I chose Fisixworld to get my device repaired.

orginal logoThe main reason for choosing Fisixworld was the services they were offering. Like, on-the site repair, 6 months warranty, 24 hours repair, data security and free pick up and delivery if booked online.

So if you don’t have time to get your device repaired you can opt for their free pick up and delivery service. But as I had time to get my device repaired. I decided to visit their service center in Bangalore.

The staff was very friendly. I told them about my problem after listening to it they said it will take 1 hour and will cost Rs 999 to get the broken device repaired. But I had my doubts like will they use genuine or fake parts. So I asked them and they said they use only genuine parts. That is also the reason why they are providing 6 months of warranty. So that customers can feel safe and secure.

Here comes the best part. As I was one of the first 100 customers I got my whole money refunded (under their 100% cashback offer) in the form of vouchers. Which I used to purchase accessories from their store.

Well coming back to the topic, it only took them 1 hour to repair my device. I checked the device and it was working perfectly fine. It was looking as good as new.

Later, I even received 6 months warranty message through email and the vouchers (about which I told you earlier).

I loved their service. As the staff was very friendly, the service was amazing and the offer made it more amazing. So I will also recommend you guys to take their service or visit their store if you need to purchase any accessories or get your gadget repaired.

Who knows if you are lucky and  end up getting their 100% cashback offer if you visit them now.





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