Download Google Camera (GCam) on XIAOMI Mi A3 and learn about GCam

Google Camera For Xiaomi Mi A3

The Google Camera app has been updated to 8.2 version, with dark mode and many other changes. In addition, this update is being made available through the Google Play Store for Pixel devices. According to the report of Android Police, when Battery Saver is enabled, you can get dark mode by certain settings in the updated camera app. According to the report, it works continuously with the Android Q beta installed but isn’t much stable with Android 9 Pie.

Although the camera app uses a black background, the Dark Mode feature has been added. This has been done because when you are in the darkroom or somewhere in the dark and go into the settings of the Google Camera app, you get the instant white blinded for that page. After the AMOLED screen in such a phone, if the black background is given, it means that there are fewer pixels activated and thus less battery consumption.

Download Google Camera (GCam) on XIAOMI Mi A3Along with this, the changes made can be seen in the app’s camera, video, panorama, portrait settings. Earlier, when users switched between camera and video, they saw a black transition screen with the selected icon set in the middle. At the same time with version 6.2, when users switch between the settings, the screen goes black and does not show what appears in front of the camera. In addition, it also has a zoom in and zooms out effect. The rest of the selected settings are in the middle of the screen.

Also, when the flash is turned on for the front-facing selfie camera, the flash icon appears in the middle of the display.

Here you can download the latest Google Camera APK (GCam Mod) for Mi Camera for latest A3. Recently launched Xiaomi’s Mi A3 is the company’s third phone under the Android One program. This means the Mi A3 phone comes with the stock Android firmware with the latest updates, no bloatware, no advertisements or any additional apps. It also means that you will not get Xiaomi’s own phone software called MIUI.

Google Camera is the most popular camera app that is officially available only for Google Pixel phones, however, GCam Mod has allowed developers to port this app to other compatible Android phones. Google Camera uses computational photography which means that you capture better images with more detail and better dynamic range using existing phone hardware.

Google Camera Port for Xiaomi Mi A3

We’ve covered the latest GCam mod below to use on the Mi A3. These Google Camera ports are maintained by different developers for different types of hardware. For example, some ports only work with a certain type of chipset ie Snapdragon 845. And some mods are only compatible with the makers of their choice. The most popular developers known to work on Google Camera port are BSG, Arnova8G2, cstark etc.

Most of the features work without any problem. If you go to the app settings, you will find a lot of advanced options, which you can change and see what effect your picture quality has. You should not expect any pro mode or manual control in this camera app as Google completely relies on its AI and machine learning to process the captured photos.

Download Google Camera for Mi A3

You can download the latest GCam Mod – Google Camera Mi A3 from the link given below:


Note: Even though everything is fine with Google Camera, you may have to disable the option to capture motion photos. Once closed, the application works fine.

After downloading it, install it like any other APK. If you are installing this APK file for the first time, you will need to allow the “Install from unknown sources” option in the settings. Keep reading below for instructions on how to manually install APK on your phone.

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