Apple iPhone 11: Apple has started sending invitations to the event on September 10 at its Silicon Valley campus. It is estimated that new-generation iPhones will be launched on this event. Apple has given very little information about its plans. The event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. For many years Apple has been launching new iPhone models in the market before the Christmas holiday season. iPhone 11 handsets will be launched in the global smartphone market.

Processing power and camera capabilities are expected to get a boost in the new iPhones, but the company will not bring anything for 5G telecom networks in its iPhones this year. Apple delivered better-than-expected results at the end of last month’s quarter. The company has shown some growth after iPhone sales fell. Chief Executive Team Cook said – The services have the largest revenue generation in the June quarter. This has boosted the growth of wearables. iPad and maize performance was also good. There have also been significant changes in the iPhone trend.

Apple iPhone 11The multicolored Apple logo has been given in the invitation. This means that Apple is going to add new colors to its iPhone lineup. Now, this is for sure that we will get to see the iPhone 11 lineup in the event of September 10, but it is not only that which will be launched in this event. Know what can happen in Apple’s September 10 event:

iPhone 11: The most important product in Apple’s September event, which people are waiting for the most, will be the iPhone 11. According to the news or speculation so far, Apple may launch 3 iPhones at this event. All three will come in the same size. With this, the company can also rename for its new iPhone lineup. The successor to the iPhone XR will be called the iPhone 11. It is estimated that the LCD screen will remain the same, but a second rear camera will be added.


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