OnePlus TV official name revealed, may launch on September 26

OnePlus TV

OnePlus TV

OnePlus Smart TV has been waiting since last year. The company’s CEO Pete Lau talked about launching this smart TV last year. For the last 8 months, users have been waiting for the official launch of this smart TV. Recently a leak of this smart TV was revealed which said that it will be launched on 26 September. Today OnePlus has revealed the logo and name of this smart TV from its official forum. The company has explained the logo of its TV on its official forum. It has also said what is the motive behind designing its logo. However, the date of its launch has not been mentioned in the forum.

OnePlus TVOn the official forum of OnePlus, it has been said in detail about its logo, why the company has chosen this logo. In its logo, how much gap has been given between ‘+’, ‘T’ and ‘V’ and why this gap has also been given. It states that the gap between ‘+’ and the age of the people is twice the gap between ‘T’ and ‘V’. It depicts the classic geometric progression. Its logo is influenced by the ancient Hindu symbol Mandala and the Greek Temple.

According to the leaks that have come out about OnePlus TV before, it can be launched with two display size options 43 inches and 75 inches. Its 43-inch variants can be launched in India. Whereas, its 75-inch variants can be launched in China and the US. The company can present this smart TV as a flagship smart TV just like its smartphone. In this, displays up to HD +, 4K resolutions can be given.

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