Sony Xperia 1R will be the world’s first phone with 5K resolution

Sony Xperia 1R

Sony Xperia 1R

Sony is no longer a big name in the smartphone industry, and it has no name in competition in the smartphone market in India, but Sony’s smartphones are still in many markets. The company’s latest launch is the Sony Xperia 1 smartphone. This phone supports 4K resolution. According to a new report, Sony is thinking of bringing the 5K resolution screen with the sony Xperia 1R.

Sony Xperia 1RAccording to the Japanese site Sumahoinfo, this incoming smartphone will have 5040×2160 pixels resolution, which will make it a 5K resolution smartphone. This device will be named the Sony Xperia 1R. The phone can be launched in IFA 2019. It is not yet known what size of the screen will be, but it is estimated that it can be 6.5 inches. That’s because, because of the 6.5-inch screen in Xperia 1, the next phone feared that there would be less screen size. The resolution shows that the aspect of the screen will be of 21: 9.

At this time, the screen of a phone with 4K or 5K resolution is of some use. This will not work for VR based applications too. Sony is definitely doing a good job in terms of screen resolution, but the company is not dominated by the smartphone market. The company has recently thrown out of India and if the company is not in profit, then in other countries the company will be the same.

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