Google’s new social network ‘Shoelace’ aims to help people connect offline

This social media platform


Google has launched its new social media app ‘Shoelace‘. Through this social media platform, users can connect to each other offline. This social media platform has been designed by Google’s in-house team Area 120 unit. This experimental platform has been introduced in the name of ‘Shoelace’. The main focus of this social media app is to engage people in real life.

Just like the Interest Based Matching app, Google Shoelace will connect users with interaction and personal activity. Suppose that you have gone to a new city and you want to connect with people of your kind interest, then you can connect through this app or social media platform. You will be able to make friends with people around you. In the coming time, this social media platform can challenge many apps like Facebook, Instagram.

This social media platformGoogle said about this app’s privacy concern, after installing this app, it will ask the user whether or not you want to tag the community. Every time you make a community zoom, verification will be necessary so that you can be looped with people of your interest. Google said that we are working hard to develop this app so that you can be allied from the profile to the loop all under the House Rule and Community Standards. You will also be able to report a loop or profile in this app.

Google Shoelace is currently made available in the US. This app is currently being made available on the invoice the only basis. This social media app has been made available on both Android and IOS. To join this social media app, users must have Google’s account. This social media app has been brought in a few months after Google+’s shut down. In this case, this social media platform is being viewed as a replacement for Google+. Google+’s 52.5 million users were shut down due to privacy concerns and security breaches.

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