Huawei HongMeng OS will ‘likely’ be faster than Android

HongMeng OS

China’s smartphone maker Huawei is soon preparing to launch Hongnemg OS. The company’s CEO and founder Ren Zengfei has said that his new OS is much faster than Android. This OS can be used not only in smartphones but also in routers, network switches, tablets, computers and data centers. Huawei says that if the company has a problem with the exemption of the business done by Dan and Donald Trump, then the company wants to keep itself fully prepared. That’s why this operating system is being prepared.

HongMeng OSHuawei reported that Hongmeng OS will work on computers and laptops, just like MacOS does. Apart from this also, the processing deck of this OS is less than 5 milliseconds. Users also want to see this OS soon in smartphones. It can be announced at the developer conference of Huawei. This conference will begin on August 9. It will be held at Dongguan, an industrial city in China.

Why the developer conference will be special: This time the developers’ conference will also be special because this time the company will talk about many important issues. Its main focus will be America Trade Bain. The company is planning to introduce this new operating system in at least 9 countries and Europe. According to data from UM World Intellectual Property Organizations, its trademark has been filed in Cambodia, Canada, South Korea and New Zealand. This OS will be used in gadgets such as smartphones, portable computers, robots and car televisions. The Hongmeng OS is expected to ship to 225 million devices by the end of this year.

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