Brave browser Launched to take on google chrome

Brave browser

Brave browser

A new browser has been launched to give crash to Google Chrome. Its name is Brave. Google Chrome is using about 200 million users, in which case it will tell the time when a new browser will be able to identify its users. The highlight of the brave browser is that it automatically blocks third-party ads and cookies automatically. Apart from this, it also gives the user the option of viewing the advertisement. Apart from this, if users click on these ads, they will also be given the money.

Brave browserBrave browser is ready with new models of advertising. It has been claimed that users will be given a 70 percent share in the browser to see the ads. This part will be of a renaissance. At the same time, the remaining 30 percent will go to the developer’s share. This means that the company will pay 60 to 70 dollars this year to anyone who will participate in this advertising model. At the same time, it is expected to be $ 224 by the year 2020. The company has said in a blog post that Brave has been working to completely replace the new system of advertising.

Brave is an open source chromium-based browser. This is better in terms of speed, secure browsing and quick navigation compared to Chrome. Due to all these features, it has become the best broiler after FireFox. At the same time, Apple Safari at number three and Chrome at number four is included. This list is released by Reviewing Portal.

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