OnePlus TV

Chinese flagship smartphone maker OnePlus could launch its smart TV soon. Company CEO Pete Lau told about the launch of Smart TV last year. It was speculated that it will be launched with OnePlus 7, 7 Pro at the OnePlus event held on May 14, but the company did not make any announcement about it. Now it seems that OnePlus Smart TV can now be introduced soon.

Indian Tipster Ishan Agarwal told through his Twitter handle that this smart TV can be launched soon. However, Ishaan did not mention the date or month of its launch. Indian Tipster tweeting about its feature said that unlike other smart TVs, the OLED display panel will not be given to it.

OnePlus TVLet’s tell you that OnePlus is known as the brand of Oppo, which launches a premium high-end flagship smartphone with a priceable price tag. It can also be speculated that this Smart TV of OnePlus can be launched with high-end features, with the state-priced price tag.

Recently, CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau said giving a hint, “I’m imagining about that time when technology becomes an important part of your life. The way other consumer electronics have made our lives better, TV is always making conventional. Pete Lau has hinted at having an AI Assistance feature in its smart TVs. For this feature, Smart TV can be presented with a different design as well as high-quality hardware.

However, Pete Lau has not disclosed any details about any feature or specification of this Smart TV in its statement. It will not be surprising that this Smart TV can be equipped with the In-house Artificial Intelligence feature like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistance. Also, it can be given with a 4K display HDR feature.


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