jio gigafiber price

There have been reports of the launch of Reliance Jio GigaFiber since last few days. Beta testing of this service was started last year. At the same time, its public testing phase was also started. Interested users can use free broadband internet connectivity by depositing a deposit of Rs 4,500. This service can be launched soon. Jio wants to make available the connected smart home ecosystem to the company’s users. It includes three services ie a broadband connection, TV connection, and landline service.

jio gigafiberLearn all about Jio GigaFiber and jio gigafiber price

Unlike the rest of Broadband Services, GigaFiber will work on fiber optics networks. This will provide fast network speed in the signal. Other operators use optical fiber technology only for network backbone fiber optics. At the same time, rely on slow cables to connect houses to the main network.

The GigaFiber service provides an average speed of 100Mbps to the users. Under the preview offer, users are provided 100Mbps speed. Netflix always picks up GigaFiber for its fastest streaming speed in its network ISP speed index.

The rest of the broadband services use traditional Wi-Fi routers, but GigaFiber Dual-Band offers Wi-Fi routers. It will be a high-speed modern device.

TV and landline connections will also be provided under GigaFiber. According to the news, the Jio Home TV connection will allow TV channels to be streamed through the Internet. It will also be able to see HD channels. At the same time, the free voice calling facility will be provided in the landline connection.

According to the news, if the users take more than 4,500 rupees then the company is also making a second plan. There will be a security deposit of Rs 2,500, in which the speed of 50Mbps will be given.


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