Vivo’s 120W Super FlashCharge can power 4,000mAh battery in 13 minutes!

Vivo’s 120W Super FlashCharge can power 4,000mAh battery in 13 minutes!

Vivo120W Super FlashCharge

It looks like Vivo is launching a new fast-charging technology- Super FlashCharge. According to a new teaser posted by Vivo, it looks like this will be a 120W Fast Charging solution. The technology that comes with so much power will be faster than any other Fast Charging Solution currently available in the market. The teaser also claims that the 120W super flash charged will charge 4000mAh of the battery in just 13 minutes. This number is much more than any charging solution available in the smartphone market. Hopefully, Vivo will present this new technology in MWC 2019 next week.

MWC 2019 will run from June 26 to June 28. Vivo can also offer 120W super flash charging technology with its 5G smartphones in this event. The teaser of this 120W Powerful Technology was first posted on Weibo. The special point of this announcement is that it has been done a few months after Xiaomi’s similar announcement. The company talked about the plan to launch 100W Super Cherrage Turbo Fast Charging Solution in March. Xiaomi further stated that the 100W Super Charging Turbo will have the ability to charge 4000mAh of the battery in just 17 minutes.

Vivo’s 120W Super FlashCharge can power 4,000mAh battery in 13 minutes!

Vivo Super FlashCharge 120W

Huawei’s 55W Super Charge Fast Technology was about to beat Xiaomi. Huawei announced this technology at the time of the Foldable Huawei Mate X. This technology would beat SuperVOOC Charging Solution in Oppo’s R17 series. However, Vivo is going to overcome all these solutions with 120W Super FlashCharge Fast Charging Solution. At present, the company has not disclosed any detail about this technology.

Most Chinese smartphone maker companies are constantly working to increase the charging speed in their Future Devices. However, along with Speed, the companies are also required to note that the handsets of the handsets are also safe. Xiaomi and Vivo have yet to launch a smartphone with its 100W and 120W Fast Charging Technologies. Vivo has not given any details about this yet. At the same time, Xiaomi has hinted that Redmi is working towards building large amounts of smartphones with 100W Fast Charging Technology.

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