Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: Who is better in terms of gameplay and features?

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty has long been a popular FPS first party shooting game. It likes gaming lovers all over the world. At the same time, PUBG Mobile, which launched last year, has also gained worldwide popularity as the FPS First Party Shooting Game. Call of Duty has recently been launched for smartphone users, named Call of Duty Mobile. This online multiplayer game has direct combat from PUBG Mobile. What are the different features given in both these games and what is the similarity? Let’s know

Call of Duty Mobile ReviewCall of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile – Visuals

The gameplay of any online or offline game depends on its visual quality. Specifically, the better the visuals of First Party Shooting and Battle Games, the better they play is also the game. PUBG Mobile is known for its visual quality, its visual quality has been made better than many battle games. At the same time, Visual Quality of Call of Duty Mobile can also surprise you. Its textures have been given quite a crisp in which you get an experience like playing a game on a PC. It offers V-sync capability that stabilizes the Gaming Experience of this FPS game and provides a better gaming experience.

Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile – Gameplay

Speaking of gameplay, PUBG Mobile provides better gameplay elements and better control. At the same time, in Call of Duty Mobile, you get many Expectations from Battle of Royal Mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. PUBG Mobile can prove to be a better game in terms of gameplay, in which you get modes in addition to new maps and weapons. Players can use gliders to jump from the height of Call of Duty Mobile. In addition to this, Hit Detector has also been given to shoot targets. All elements in PUBG Mobile can be used together in a better way.

Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile – Content

In Call of Duty Mobile, you get better activation of PUBG Mobile. In Call of Duty Mobile, you are given superior Battle Royale mode and multiplayer mode, with classic styles like Face for All. We can say that the Battle of the Call of Duty Mobile can affect the Royal mode players very much. In PUBG Mobile you will get zombie, helicopter and other movement options. In Call of Duty Mobile, you get many game content such as skins and items that are not given in PUBG Mobile.

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