PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass Leak

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass Leak

One of the most played mobile games worldwide, the current season of PUBG Mobile Season 6 is going to end in a few days. Some information has been leaked even before PUBG Mobile arrives next season. The gamers playing PUBG are eager to know about the new seasons of the game from the coming mode to the Wapan. In previous seasons, new guns and zombie modes were added to PUBG. In the next season, gamers will get many items, including the Royale Pass.

Information about these items of PUBG Mobile Season 7 is given by U-Tuber Mr. Ghost Gaming. According to ghost gaming information, in the PUBG Mobile Season 7, you can find Royale Pass, new Veep Skin, New Season Theme, and new Weapon Gamers. Additionally, players can also get a new ranking system which will depend on players’ players. Let’s know about the possible items found in PUBG next season.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass LeakRP level-100 get two outfits

Players will have the option of choosing two exclusive outfits when reaching the top level, as the fifth season of PUBG new season. Season 7 will depend on Warfare Tactics in which Outfit Option players like ‘Urban Scavenger’ and Assault Squad will meet. Along with that, the players will be given the RP EZ Mission License Royal pass as Weekly Reward.

New skin, new airplane, and new gun

Many outfits and skins can be added for Players in PUBG Mobile Season 7. Apart from this new vapor designs, helmets and parachutes can also be added. Smoke trail feature can be added to the airplanes in the new season. For this, a signature ping and black airplane skin can also be given. New Gun Scorpion launched for SMG Lovers. It is an Uzi-like pistol that uses 9 mm of Ammo.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass LeakPossible Features of PUBG Mobile Season 7

PUBG Mobile Season 7 will be given a Companion Mode which was to be released with the previous season. Players Companion Enemy will not be seen in this new feature. Apart from this, PUBG oldest map erangel is being promoted. Apart from this a death animation can also be added.

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