Google I / O 2019: Replace Android will be Google’s new Fuchsia OS!

Google I / O 2019: Replace Android will be Google's new Fuchsia OS!

Fuchsia OS

Google has unveiled its new operating system Fuchsia OS on its third and final day of its annual developer’s conference. This operating system will be offered as an Android accessory. It will support personal computers as well as smartphones. On the last day of the developer’s conference, Android Chief Hiroshi Lockheimer has disclosed this latest operating system. Like Android, Fuchsia OS can also be an open-source operating system. However, the company is not planning to shift the crores of smartphones to this new operating system at the moment.

Google I / O 2019: Replace Android will be Google's new Fuchsia OS!According to Lockheimer, this new Google operating system is being developed for every kind of device. It is being developed from personal computer to smartphones and home appliances. This new operating system is currently in the development phase. Lockheimer told in an interview in The American Journal of TheVerge that how we can see the new operating system. We know that people are feeling that this will be the new Android or new Chrome OS.

This is the first time Google has given official information about its Fuchsia operating system. The prototype user interface and test device of this operating system have been previously seen. According to the news in media reports last year, Google is building this operating system with scratch. This will remove all the loopholes of the android. Apart from this, an interactive screen feature can be added in Fuchsia. Additionally, access to YouTube through voice commands will be accessible. Last year it was also leaked that the Honor Play will be launched with this operating system which is not proven true.

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