Kronika highlighted the reality to make an extraordinary time in the Mortal Kombat 11, Raiden’s coalition, together with the heroes of various eras of history, kept all their differences aside for standing against the temporary goddess.

However, when we liked a more heroic version of his prime, Thunder God in the old school Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and other fascinating characters, which we have not seen in a lot of time, the most interesting person is not a playable character in the game, What happens in action: The newly introduced sailor is known as Kharon.

When Raiden realizes that he can not teleport the cornea of ​​Chronica, to prevent him from using his glass to see the reality again, he bites that he is actually present outside space and time. It takes the mission of all-Zero and Scorpion to find a person who can find this mystery room as a ferryman of all the states, mythology that he initially thought was to leave the children in awe Exists for

Kharon’s is actually a play, which belongs to Haydn, the character of the Greek god Ferryman of the Underworld. Sharon takes the dead souls across Styx and Acheron river, which divide the world of living people from the world of the dead, so you can see how rotten places of life and death in the real game.

But finding Khron is not easy. As a man who is responsible for the transportation of the souls of the Netherlands, he was always to keep away from the radar by polishing the eyes. After all, Scorpion, aka Hanjo Hashishi, finds him, but before he can secure his services, he is killed. However, for Raiden’s team, he recruits his small self, and we get deep insights into the old man, who honestly reflects a perfectly fine character, which we transfer to the demigods we are accustomed to in the series.

Kharon is not a warrior, She is a sub-watcher who monitors the history and time of the universe, which constantly reads its ships for transport. Think of crossing the Marvel’s Watcher with Hemdal, then sprinkle one of MK’s characters Raiden and Fujin, and you get rotten. His crowning moment comes when he opposes a torture session by D’ovar to not transport the forces of Cronica, which shows that he is as strict as the nails.

However, he was not created for war only, with his nature more immortal than a big god. What she likes so much is that she has the true hope of her peace and how she collaborates with Raiden to achieve her. While posing with power to his fleet, fearing the Shaolin monks and the outward alliance led by Kitna, Baraka, and Sion, we see that Thunder is more intelligent and brave than God, and in fact, Works in the form.

Kharon act as a point of moral compass and virtue in a new form, which Raiden himself considers to be unable to survive to know how he will be corrupted by the Shinok talisman. He easily lives the secret spoken about everyone, which is a long order for a character who came out of the blue color. The way he educates the heroes, you can not help him, but he is appreciated as a living, knowledge-breathing crypt, and an esoteric leader who stands on the face of warriors against an inexplicable opponent. Inspires to be

Mortal kombat 11 has been developed by the Netherlands studio and has been published by Warner Bros. Interactive. It is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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