Game of Thrones

Jimmy Kimmel is appearing live! Before switching the conversation on a big popular theory, Titanic asked the young actor about his experience of the Game of Thrones. Wright talked about Bran’s current role as a three-eyed raven and described him as “definitely on behalf of living”. Kimmel replied, “This is interesting because many people think that Bran can be night King.” After a little more intense talk with the show host, Hampstead-Wright just answered, “I can not confirm nor deny.” When Kimmel suggested that he had already confirmed the theory while clarifying the allegations of living, the actor said, “Who says that Night King is dead?”

Game of ThronesThe theory that Brand Star is the night King, has aired for some time, since it was confirmed in season 6 that Bran could influence the current. The theory is also based on the fact that both characters seem to be equal, if not exact, abilities For example, night King was able to see Bran, while the latter was in the dream of Greenlight in Season 6, which states that night King, like Bran and Three-Aid Raven, is also the owners of GreenSite capabilities.

The ambiguity of answering the question is Hepsted-Wright’s Kimmer should not surprise anyone because there is so much privacy in the show. Fans just have to wait and see if this popular theory is right or not

HBO on ET on Sunday morning, HBO on the eve, Game of Thrones stars Tyrone Lannister as Peter Dinklage, Jaime Lannister as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Serena Lannister as Leena Heade, Denny Reis Targaryen with Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner in the form of Ms. Williams as Sansa Stark, RC Stark. Snow


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