Google Currents

Google Currents

Google is developing a new app only after Google Plus is shut down, which will replace it. This app is being developed for enterprises. This Google app is currently in beta testing. G Suite users will be given early access to the beta. If you are a G Suite user then you can get early access to this new app. This new Google platform will come with a new user interface. The new app will have more options than posting, as well as more options to discover any post in it. This new Google app can be launched by Google Currents.

Google CurrentsThe Google Currents beta app is currently available for all G-suite users. Google Currents Beta requires G Suite users to be requested. Any organization has to request for this beta version by emailing it to As a replacement of Google Plus, all the essential features of the old app have been added in the Google Currents app but this app comes with a new interface. In this, both enterprise users and individual users will be able to check their post’s analytics.

Leadership in Google Currents will be able to set the post home page priority, with the help of the post’s visibility. This app will continue to connect Amplai with new and useful content according to its role. Apart from this, the administrators of the page will also be able to customize the content and customize it. Now to see how this new app will be able to replace Google Plus.

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