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Hello, friends Welcome to review zone 360. Today we are going to tell you what is GB Whatsapp. If you also want to run GB Whatsapp, then you have come to the right place. Because in addition to this post we will also tell you how to run GB Whatsapp.

How to download GB Whatsapp also you will learn today through this post. And we will explain this in a very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. And likewise, you continue to like all the posts coming to our blog.

Friends, Whatsapp is used by all people today. It has become a part of our lives. Through this, we are associated with our friends with relatives. In today’s time, mobile is owned by everyone and everyone uses WhatsApp on their mobile.

So, let’s know friends. How to Download GB Whatsapp Download If you want to run it in your mobile, then read this post from start to finish. Only then will you get full information about it.

 gb whatsapp

What is GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp is a new version of Whatsapp In this you get lots of new features that you did not get in the old Whatsapp.

In this, some functions are similar to the original WhatsApp. GB Whatsapp is now very popular. And many people have started using it. It has become more popular due to its new feature status.

Who made the GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp Programmer and Developer Mr. Omar is. This GB provides all the features of Whatsapp. GB Whatsapp is also known as Ogmods.

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App NameGB WhatsApp
Last Updated20 June 2019
File Size28.1 MB
  • GB is a 7.20 version of Whatsapp which is brand new because it has new features, this app has to keep updating. To download GB Whatsapp, follow the steps given below:
  • Download GB Whatsapp – First of all download this App GB Whatsapp.
  • Installed GB Whatsapp – after downloading it, install it.
  • Open App – After installing this app open it. Now you can use it.

Gb Whatsapp’s Most Useful Features

  • In GB Whatsapp, you can make 600 contact broadcasts, while in the original Whatsapp, you could create 250 broadcasts.
  • You can send 90 images together in the original WhatsApp, only 10 images were sent.
  • Can also disable call for special contact.
  • You can also hide Last Seen for a specific contact.
  • You can also download a color theme for your GB Whatsapp. And you can put different color themes. While the original Whitespace was the only white theme.
  • In this, you can hide the blue tick too.
  • It can send a video of 30 MB, while the original was only 16 MB in WhatsAppSpace.
  • Can also set pin lock on personal cheats so that no one can read it.
  • You can also auto-respond to it. Auto Reply Set when you are busy.
  • You can use 16 new icons for message notification.
  • You can keep 600 contacts in GB Whatsapp. Whereas we could only have 250 contacts in WhatsAppSpace.
  • You can also edit the image before sharing.
Change ThemeYes
DND ModeYes
Hide Last SeenYes
Hide Blue TickYes
Schedule MessageYes
Show/Hide Online StatusYes
Auto ReplyingYes
Change FontYes
Chat/Message LockYes


How to Update GB WhatsApp

As we have said and if you use GB WhatsApp, you will know that new updates come in, due to which it has to be updated frequently.

There are three ways to update it, which we are going to tell you. You can update your GB WhatsApp in any manner you want, so let’s know.

POP Notification

The updates that happen in WhatsApp are received by POP Notification if you receive this POP Notification, then it is the easiest way to update it by clicking on it or download it by downloading new WhatsApp Version.

Check Update

When the WhatsApp update arrives or you think that WhatsApp has been updated, you can check WhatsApp Update by visiting the GB Whatsapp setting and then follow the given steps to update your WhatsApp from there and update it.

GB Website Update

If you have not yet been able to get GB WhatsApp update after using the above-mentioned points, then you can go to its website and install it after downloading its Lates version where you will get a link to download the GB WhatsApp Latest Version. So in this way you can update it.

How To Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version

As we told you that this app is not available in the Google Play store because it is not in the Google play store, you have to download from GB’s WhatsApp website and it supports Android 4.0+. To download GB WhatsApp, please follow our step given steps.

First download the Latest GB WhatsApp, by clicking on the button above to download it.

GB Whatsapp 7.20 is a new updated version, which is 28.7 MB if your internet is fast, it takes 1-2 minutes to download it.

After installing the app, enable it to install the Unknown source from Mobile Setting and install it.

Now enter your mobile number and verify it

Step- 5
Now your GB WhatsApp is fully ready, you can use every feature of it.



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