YouTube Premium Music vs Spotify

Google last launched YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium service in May last year. However, they were made available only in select countries, but now this service has been introduced in some areas of India, South Africa, and South America. Planet subscription for YouTube Music starts at Rs 99 per month. At the same time, if talk of Spotify, this service was recently launched in India. The subscription was presented at a price of Rs 119 per month. Here we are telling you what is the difference between these two.

YouTube PremiumYouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Two offers are offered to users who subscribe to YouTube Music. If users take YouTube Music then this service is absolutely free. Ads will be shown in this. At the same time, if you do not want to see user ads, they can take a YouTube premium. For this, they have to pay 99 rupees per month. It will also be able to stream offline music. It will also be allowed to download songs in it. This is available as a separate app in the Google Play Store. It will be available in official songs, albums, playlists and artist audio. All these containers are available in free and premium versions.

Talk about YouTube Premium, then users will have to pay 129 rupees per month. Music Premium will also be included in this membership. There will be no ads in it. Additionally, users will be able to watch millions of videos and YouTube Originals series on YouTube.

Spotify will compete with

Spotify will provide music in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu languages in India. Its ad-supported free subscription and premium subscription has been introduced in India. It’s trial pack is 30 days for which the users will have to pay 119 rupees. It will give full access to music. Also, you can also use the premium features of the app. Users can also make prepaid signups in premium. If the user needs a one-day premium subscription then he will have to pay 13 rupees. For the 7-day pack, Rs 39 will be given and Rs 129 for the monthly pack. At the same time, if users want 3 months pack then they will have to pay Rs 389, Rs 719 for 6 months and Rs 1,189 for 1 year.


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