Masked Aadhaar card can be downloaded in a few steps

Masked Aadhaar

Masked Aadhaar

Every Indian citizen must have an Aadhar card. This is a kind of identity card. This facilitates the benefits of many welfare benefits. It is issued by the Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI). Now it is not possible to always keep the base together. E-Aadhar facility has also been made available. But many times the e-base is given for verification, people use the base number incorrectly. In this way, the government has provided the option of the masked base. Here we are giving you information on downloading the masked base. With this you will not always need to keep the base card physically with you.

Masked Aadhaar

Masked Aadhaar how to generate e-Aadhaar:

1. For this, you must first go to the website of UIDAI. Here you will see the option of Download Base Here you will also get the option of Masked Aadhar card. All information is available in the masked base, but the base number is hidden. In this case, if you have to hide your base number from others, you can download it.

2. Go to the website and get the option of Get Aadhaar. Here you will see Download Aadhar. Click it. One page will be open which will contain information about the base password. Cross it.

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3. Now you will get three options. One of them will be the Aadhaar, the second VID, and the third Enrolment ID. Below this will be the option of Regular Aadhaar and Masked Aadhaar. Here you have to click on the Masked Aadhaar.

4. Here you will have to enter all the information. After this, you have to click on the Request OTP. After this, you will have an option of I Agree and Cancel. Here you have to click on I Agree. After this, there will be an OTP on your registered mobile number, which must be entered. There will also be a quick survey. Then click on Download Adhaar below. Doing this will download your base.

5. After downloading you will be able to see that all the four digits of your base are hidden.

6. You will need a password to open the base. This information was given to you on the website first.

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