Android Q

In 2019, Google is preparing to introduce its new Android operating system. Android Q is likely to be introduced in Google’s I / O 2019 conference. I / O 2019 conference information has been tweeted by Google CEO CEO Pichai. Beautiful Pichai has tweeted that Google’s next I / O developer conference will be held in California’s Shoreline Amphitheater from May 7th to 9th May. However, this tweet does not provide information about whether or not Android Q will be offered during this time. If this Android version is launched then we are giving you the information about what changes can be made to users under this version.

Foldable phone support

Android Q’s support is quite likely to come in a native folder phone. It was showcased last year by David Brook, Vice President of the Android Engineering at an event. This event was organized during the time when Samsung introduced the phone with its first foldable display. Native support means a clean and smooth layout of Android apps in the foldable smartphones.

Dark Mode

System-wide Dark Mode is a feature that has not yet been officially introduced, but Google has long been indicating this feature about this feature. Google introduced Dark Mode in some apps in 2018. It is believed that this mode can be introduced at the system level very soon.

PiP mode

Under Android Q users will be given an enhanced PiP mode. Just as many apps can be played simultaneously in Samsung’s phones with a small screen, the same feature will be shared with Android Q in other phones. This will allow multiple apps to work together.

Native Support for Facial Reconciliation

In 2018 we have seen many smartphones that have been presented with facial removal. There is a lot of change in the interface of any phone for this support. In such a scenario, it will be easier to support facial removal in smartphones under Native Support. As a result, more and more phones can be provided with facial features.

More permissions

In the framework of the Android Q, XDA developers have detected some new permissions. This means the operating system will ask for permission from any app to access the clipboard. It is not possible at this time Because every app now gives access to the clipboard.

Support for downgrading any app

According to XDA developers in the Android Q Framework, the user will be able to downgrade any app. It can still be done but only with Google’s own app.


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