How to get a bokeh effect on your single-lens smartphone camera

bokeh effect

bokeh effect on your single-lens smartphone camera

Companies are continuously offering new handsets in the smartphone market. Considering the need of users, companies are working closely on every feature of the phone. The trend of the users is quite high on the phone’s camera. Companies are also providing the Bokeh effect in the phone’s camera. Users like to take photos at Bokeh effect. But the users whose phone does not have a Bokeh effect, they can also use this effect in their phone.

First of all, know what is Bokeh effect?

This is a camera effect. With this help, the background of any photo can be blurred by users. This effect works only with the help of Dual Camera setup. In this, the dual camera clicks two photos of the same object. Then these two photos merge and presents. But this effect is only possible with the dual camera only.

However, users with smartphones equipped with single cameras will also be able to use this effect. For this, they have to download an app named AfterFocus. This will allow users to take photos like dual cameras from their single camera phones. Apart from this, the DOF Simulator app can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Whenever the user draws photos, its background will become blurred. Here we are telling you how to use the AfterFocus app.

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