Pioneer India Launches AVH-Z9190BT Wireless apple car play

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Pioneer India launches AVH-Z9190BT for smooth wireless driving. It is an innovative Car Stereo with Wireless Connectivity, Capacitive Touch and 24-bit True Colour Panel which can be simultaneously used as a smart phone as well car stereo to enjoy the benefits of  both gadgets. Pioneer India is the first brand in Indian automobile industry to bring the distinctive features in a car stereo which makes it easy for the user to share information stored in the smart phone with the co-passenger and also it enables wireless mirroring. One can use the applications of the smart phone on the new head unit which is touch enabled with  48-bit dual-core DSP processor with integrated circuitry and Android Auto, it also improves the sound quality of the car. The device enables AppRadio Mode+ for Smartphone video playback, Hassel free navigation, built-in Wi-Fi to connect Android, and iphones wirelessly.

avh z9190bt 1 1The product is integrated with some unique features like high-Speed Charging for Smartphones, 3 High volt pre-outs, Rear Camera compatibility, and 13-Band Graphic Equalizer for mind-blowing sound quality. Even if you have 2 phones, it is not a problem as, with AVH-Z9190BT you can get 20 smart phones paired at a time. The viewing angle of the head unit’s screen is highly as well as easily adjustable as per the user’s preference. Apple Car Play is smarter & safer way to use your iPhone in the car with inbuilt Bluetooth and 7’’ screen providing ample amount of viewing area. This display combines a sleek design, high picture quality and smartphone-like touch screen responsiveness. Available at Rs 50,050, Pioneer AVH-Z9190BT  can be purchased from authorized Pioneer retailers in India.AVH-Z9190BT is the next generation car stereo which is designed for the steady and uninterrupted driving experience.


  • Capacitive Touch
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • 24-bit True Colour Panel
  • AppRadio Mode+ for Smartphone video playback
  • High-Speed Charging for Smartphone
  • Navigation
  • 3 High volt pre-outs
  • 48-bit dual-core DSP processor
  • Integrated circuitry
  • Android Auto
  • Pairing options is up to 20 devices at a time
  • Adjustable head unit’s screen
  • Built in Bluetooth
  • 7’’ screen
  • Sleek design

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