How to Create Free Blog

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How to Create Free Blog 

You can create your own blog on the Internet, there are two ways to make it. You can make your own blog by purchasing your own domain name and space. In this, you will spend 4-5 thousand rupees annually or you can create your blog on a blogging site like WordPress or Tumblr. If you want to buy your domain name and create a blog, then you have to get help from a professional IT expert. But if you want to create a free blog then we will help you. Let us tell you that most people in the world use WordPress for blogging and around 25% of the world’s websites are made on WordPress.

Word Press SiteTo create a blog on Word Press, you must first create your account. After that, the process of creating the blog begins. You can easily create your account on Word Press. After creating the account, follow the steps given below.

1. Open Word Press Site and fill out the sign-up form

2. Now type the name of your blog in lower case in the box below.

3. After this the Word Press will ask you about the plan. It will also have a free plan.

4. Now a confirmation email will be sent to confirm your email ID.

5. In this mail, your blog will be created once you click the Confirm button.

6. Insert username and password in your account and click on the button in the blog post below it.

7. A page will open in front of you in which you can write titles and your own story below.

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