Hollywood upcoming movies 

In India, Hollywood has become a separate craze for movies, which has recently been released as Avengers 4, which has left behind many Bollywood films in India. Since Avengers 4, Hollywood films have started earning even more in India. In the coming days, many other Hollywood movies are going to be released in India, which we are going to tell you about.

1. Avengers 4:

Image result for 1. Avengers 4:Its previous film in India has caused a lot of banging and the film also has had an impact on Indians and now people are very excited about the Avengers 4 for its next part. The Avengers 3 has left a lot of suspense in the people of the whole world, not just in India but it is currently considered to be the biggest film to come.

2. Spider-Men: Far From House:

Image result for Spider-Men: Far From House:This movie is a sequel to actor Tom Holland Spider-Man, which was created by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this movie, we will find some new and unique villains from Spider-Man. It is said that this movie will be based on a magazine about Spider-Man, in which he will go on a school trip.

3. Captain Marvel:

Image result for Captain Marvel:Before Avengers 4, we will find Marvel’s film Captain Marvel, which will see actress Brie Larson in lead role. In this movie, Marvel will introduce us to the most powerful film superhero of his cinematic universe, which will play an important role in Avengers 4.


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