360 Mobiles N7

360 Mobiles has started sending media invitations to their next N-series smartphone, which will be named 360 Mobiles N7. According to the source, 360 Mobiles has sent a media invitation in the form of skillet / frying pan for their next event. The launch date for the frying pan (May 8) and the tagline is written. Also, a photo has been included in which a cock is holding a frying pan.

360 Mobiles N7 smartphone equipped with 6GB RAM, company sent media invitation

This tagline and picture are related to games currently present.There is no information at this time that the device will only be equipped with an effective specification for gaming, or it will have a large battery. But it may be that this phone is equipped with specific features for gaming.

360 Mobiles N7 specification

The CEO of 360 Mobiles praised the recently launched Xiaomi Mi 6X but also said that 360 Mobiles has done much more on the gaming experience of its device. The 360 Mobiles N7 smartphone will be equipped with Snapdragon 636 processor and 6GB RAM. No information has been found about other specifications of the device.

360 Mobiles N7 smartphone equipped with 6GB RAM, company sent media invitationShortly before, the black shark funded by Xiaomi has launched its new gaming phone, this device has been introduced in China. The smartphone has a 5.99-inch FHD + display, apart from this, the device is equipped with Snapdragon 845, and it also has an 8GB RAM. Apart from this, the delicate liquid cooling in the phone helps keep it cool. Through this, the CPU’s temperature decreases to 8 degrees. In addition, there is a separate One-touch SHARK Key in it. Through which you can enjoy gaming.


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