OnePlus 6

One Plus 5T launched just a few months ago. Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus will launch its flagship smartphone launch One Plus 6 this year. It is expected that the company will launch it by May or June.

Pictures of One Plus 6 were leaked earlier, but this time the alleged picture leaked is real. Chinese social media website posted this leaked photograph to Vivo.

OnePlus 6

The picture appears in the picture as the iPhone X, that is, the space on the upper side of the display where the sensors are engaged. Asus has also launched Zenfone 5, which also includes a similar Nokia X.

This time the display will be large and it will be as well as the screen to body ratio is also expected to be 90 percent. Face Unlock feature this time too is given in One Plus 5T which is software based and given in One Plus 5. One Plus 6 can be more precise, or say face-to-face facial recognition features can be launched.

Looking at this alleged image, it can be estimated that this time the company will bring a mirror finish smartphone In addition, the fingerprint sensor is provided on the rear panel. The logo of OnePlus 6 is given on the rear cover of this image.

After some time these pictures were removed from the vibes, but before that people saved it and now they are being shared everywhere. This time the CEO of the company has also said nothing about this rumor because first they had been leaked earlier when they had told that they were fake.

Apart from some gothic leaked photographs, there is currently no information about the specifications and features of One Plus 6. But there are some things that you will definitely find in it. One of them is the processor, as of now the Qualcomm’s flagship processor is Snapdragon 845, so in OnePlus 6 the company can give this same processor.

In the One Plus 6, the company will be given Android Oreo Basic software. Dual cameras are available in One Plus 3T and there is also a dual camera setup expected.


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