Toreto Launches Bang TOR-307 – Compact Pocketsize Bluetooth Speaker

Toreto Launches “Bang” TOR-307 – Compact Pocketsize Bluetooth Speaker

Bang TOR-307

Toreto has launched the India Budget Bluetooth Speaker. The Bang TOR-307 wireless Bluetooth speaker has two drivers of 3-Watt so that there is a better sound output.

The price of Bang TOR-307 is Rs 1,799 and you can buy it from an e-commerce website. It is available in four color variants – Red, Green, Black, and Gold.

Toreto Launches “Bang” TOR-307 – Compact Pocketsize Bluetooth Speaker

It’s a portable speaker that you can easily take anywhere. Its battery is 1200mAh and can charge music for 4-5 hours continuously by charging it full. You can connect it to smartphones and tablets.

This wireless speaker supports Bluetooth 3.0. It can also be used as a standalone speaker because it has an SD card slot. Micro SD card can be heard by storing music. Along with this, it has been given Aux support. Another feature that you may like, is that you can also run FM radio from it.

In this speaker, you have been given the dedicated keys, through which you can control it. The control keys are upwards. According to the company, its control has been simplified and the option of One Tap Music Control has been given.

On the back panel of the speaker, the card slot and charging point are given with on-off button.

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