Invens Mobile a New Contender For the Budget Smartphone Market In India

Invens Mobile

Invens Mobile

Chinese Smartphone brand Invens has launched three new smartphones in India. Their name is Diamond 2, Fighter 1 and Fighter 2. These three smartphones are budget smartphones. The company has kept its price at Rs 7,490, Rs 8,990 and Rs 11,490 respectively. Customers will be able to purchase these smartphones from retail stores.

Speaking of the specification of these three smartphones, the diamond 2, fighter 1 and fighter 2 three have only been given 5 inch 720×1280 pixel display. Out of the box, these three smartphones will run on the Android 7.0 Nugget operating system. These smartphones have a 1.3GHz quad-core processor. Diamond 2 and Fighter 1 have 2GB of RAM, Fighter 2 has 3GB of RAM. Similarly, the internal memory of Diamond 2 and Fighter 1 is 16GB, while Fighter 2’s internal storage is 32GB.

Invens Mobile

Talking about the camera section of these smartphones, the 8-megapixel camera with LED flash is available on the rear of Diamond 2, while Fighter 1 and Fighter 2 have 13-megapixel dual camera setup with LED flash. As far as the front camera is concerned, the diamond 2 and fighter 1 have a camera of 5 megapixels. Whereas Fighter 2 will have 8-megapixel subscribers for a selfie with LED flash.

Talking about the battery, 2800mAh battery is available in diamond 2, while fighter 1 and fighter 2 will have 3200 mAh battery customers. These three smartphones support VoLTE (Voice over LTE). Customers will get fingerprint sensor in all the three smartphones.

The company said in the press release that, in all the three launches launched by the company, women safety-related applications are preloaded. Which protects them from chasing stalkers, mobile, e-mail etc. through harassing (cyberbullying) etc. Apart from this, Invens also provides a two-year warranty, a free replacement, and quick repair or replacement policy for any damaged part. This facility can be used not only during warranty but also after the warranty service is terminated. Invens Mobile also provides accident warranty on each damaged portion.

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